About Me:
I'm Sarah, I'm a 20 year old Geordie Aquarian, with seven cats and the proud owner of a large selection of different teas, spicy chai tea anyone? I'm living in Newcastle but can often be found in Darlington, and am currently on my placement year at uni.

What Am I Studying?
I'm studying Fashion Design and Marketing at Northumbria University, it's also where I developed my love for Adobe Illustrator. So far in my placement year I have completed one internship and attended many interviews. I'm more than happy to answer any questions anyone has about my course or internships. Just get in touch on a social network or via email. See contact page for more info about that.

About This Blog:
This blog is my creative outlet where I post anything I've created and found of interest. All my creations are my own work and if for some reason you wish to feature my work somewhere I'd still like you to ask my permission first.

In some parts of my work like my trend moodbaords I use some photographs which are not my own to create them, however I get these photographs from websites where all the photographs on there are licensed under "Creative Commons Zero", which means people (like myself) can use and edit these images free of charge, for personal and commercial uses without having to ask or credit the photographer. When I create a piece of work like my trend moodboards I am saying I own my creation, not the individual unedited photos themselves.

If one of your photos does appear and you think there has been a mistake and it is not under the CC0 license please contact me immediately and we'll sort it out.