Thursday, 22 September 2016

Collection Commentary | NICOPANDA F/W 2016

I only found out about NICOPANDA a couple of months ago but something about them just caught my attention. If I had to describe NICOPANDA in a few words I'd say it is playful, gender-fluid and a little bit out-there.
I don't know loads about NICOPANDA and as far as I'm aware it's a reasonably new brand. Looking at this collection and their Spring / Summer one, a few things spring to mind. Like I previously said, playful and a little bit out there, it reminds me and possibly takes so influence from Japanese streetwear (which I myself am a fan of).
Their catwalk designs are also quite diverse, both in style and gender. From what I've seen they often don't stick to gender stereotypes, which right now I feel is becoming more common in fashion and more accepted and represented in mainstream fashion today. 

The style of this collection is very diverse with various prints, colours, silhouettes and textures, my personal favourite is the outfit above. Both the shape and texture is enticing and I adore the way the fabric drapes and moves as the model walks.  
I love the mix of prints and colours in this collection, though its quite colourful it still retains a F/W feel with black and red running through the collection keeping it more in-touch with the seasons natural tones.

If you want to see more of NICOPANDA, click here to view their website. Hope you enjoyed my little review and illustrations, remember you can follow my blog on bloglovin.



  1. This looks like such an interesting brand - definitely going to have a quick peek on their website. I also LOVE the illustrations you do in your blog posts, such a unique twist! :)

    With love, V. x

  2. Great articles and great layout. Your blog post deserves all of the positive feedback it’s been getting.

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