Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My Lime Crime Lip Collection

While looking through my make up bag I was just admiring some of my make up from one of my favourite brands, Lime Crime. I love the make up, the colours and the packaging. I decided I'd draw them instead of just a few photographs.
First are my four velvetines, Riot, Salem, Pumpkin and Wicked. My personal favourite is Riot, it's a perfect everyday colour for me. My second favourite is Pumpkin which is a bright orange and I wear that when I want to make a bit of a brighter statement. The there's Salem and Wicked, I only really wear these if I want to make a huge make up statement and if it goes with my outfit. I usually wear these with a lip liner, it just looks a lot neater and it makes it way easier to apply.
Lime Crime's Poisonberry lipstick was my first ever Lime Crime product. It's a fabulous and unusual colour. I'm actually wearing it as I write this, again with a lip liner. Who wouldn't love the unicorn on the lipstick case?!
The last products are the Carousel Glosses, I bought these as when I'm doing uni photoshoots I sometimes need  more 'out there' colours and looks. These are quite sticky but very pigmented and glittery. You never know when you'll need a green glittery lipgloss! Candy Apple and Present are also really great in Winter around Christmas.
So that's it, quite a short post but I just wanted to show you my illustrations and briefly describe them. I may do a proper review at some point but I don't know yet. I just really enjoyed drawing these! I also own Venus 1 & 2 Eyeshadow Palettes by Lime Crime but I didn't have time to draw them. The colour Divine in Venus 1 has become my signature eyeshadow shade! If you want to check out Lime Crime have a look at their website.  Thanks for reading, remember you can keep up to date with my blog on bloglovin.


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