Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Gung-Ho! Experience | Running 5K

My Gung-Ho! Experience | Running 5K
Excuse the no make up face above but running 5K in make up probably isn't the wisest idea ever. On the 2nd July me, my boyfriend (aka Joe) and my aunt headed to Newcastle Racecourse to run Gung-Ho! It's a 5k charity run with inflatables along the way, this years money was going to Children in Need. This was my first ever "proper" run and was made slightly a lil' more painful than intended. Extra Info: I was late for my period and 5 minutes before the race starts my period went SURPRISE BITCH, I was glad it arrived but that timing though. So I ran with very bad period pain, I think that's kind of an achievement right?

People were set off in waves every 15 minutes but we missed our warm up as group, 10:15am for some reason didn't have one, maybe we were meant to do it the same time as the 10am group but it wasn't made clear. It kinda sucked as obviously a warm up helps your body prepare a heck of a lot better but that would be the only negative part of my experience.
A photo of how the race began, first obstacle, my boyfriend goes over head first, so I trust his judgement and follow...
We both face planted into the ground from about a metre high drop into mud.
Having a nice walk around part of the course, there were many hills so we weren't prepared to run all the way, especially as me and Joe did no training prior to this. We did get out the treadmill at his house though, we didn't use it. It's the thought that counts, right? Also many people were struggling to follow the course as you were meant to follow small cones on the ground but at some points it was very difficult to tell which way the course was going, but we did okay!
One of the best inflatables of the course, basically a massive bouncy castle. You can see me taking a selfie there before I lost my balance and fell bouncing all over the place. TIP: A bum bag is very useful if you want to take your phone, money, inhaler, etc.
The photo on the right shows the last inflatable, a big slide with loads of foam at the bottom, it was awesome! You go up two at a time and me and Joe managed to slide down together. :3
We Did It!
I'm very proud we actually did it (even if we walked a lot of it), and that our money went to a good cause. There we are with are headbands, you also get a tee but I haven't got a photo of that. I would love to do it next year but next time maybe I'll prepare for it a bit better. All photos apart from my selfies were taken by my aunt's partner (thanks Jeff) and if any of you guys are gamer fans my boyfriend has just started a Youtube channel if you wanna check that out.   

If you wanna know more about Gung-Ho check here, they do runs all over the UK. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Are you tempted by Gung-Ho? Remember you can keep up to date with my blog on bloglovin.



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